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Links to Web Sites with Rare Bird Info

Jack Siler's listing of regional listservs on his Birdingonthe.net site
  eBird Sighting Gadget Starter Page - use to enter your own state
  eBird Map Jack Siler's mapping page of rare species on eBird
  RBAs Jack Siler's listing of regional Rare Bird Alerts on his Birdingonthe.net site
  Tuffbirds Jack Siler's listing of rare birds reported on regional RBAs sorted by ABA difficulty code (Difficulty rating list)
  NA Rare Bird Alert
Must sign up for access
       Traveling Birder logo
Connect up with birders from other places to help you find rare birds in their area

Documenting Rare Species

  Documenting Rarities Wilds, C, and R. Hilton. 1992.  Maryland Birdlife 48:30_35.
  Helpful Hints on Documentation Oklahoma Bird Records Committee
  How to Document Rare Birds
 - also via Louisiana Ornithological Society
Dittmann, D. L., and G. W. Lasley. 1992,Birding 24:145_159
  Identification and Documentation Skills Maryland Bird Records Committee - tribute to Claudia Wilds
  Writing Convincing Details A step-by-step primer provided by Mark Patterson