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Birding Equipment Information

Optical Equipment
  • The Camera Corner, Inc. (of Iowa)
    • 3523 Eastern Ave
      Davenport, Iowa  52807
      Tele: 319-391-6851 or 800-762-4282
      Fax: 319-391-4778
  • ABA Sales
  • (teamed up with Eagle Optics )
      Use your ABA membership number when you order and a
           percentage of the purchase will come back to ABA

      PO Box 6599
      Colorado Springs, CO  80934
      Web site: http://www.americanbirding.org
  • Eagle Optics
    • 716 S Whitney Way
      Madison, WI  53711
      Tele: 608-271-4751 or 800-289-1132
      Fax: 608-271-4406
  • National Camera Exchange
    • 9300 Olson Hwy
      Golden Valley, MN  55427
      Tele: 763-546-6831 or 877-600-4497
      or 800-624-8107
         (ask for Kevin - he has a wealth of knowledge about binoculars and scopes)
      Note: Check out the binocular and spotting scope buying guide and comparison charts on their web site.
  Specialized optical equipment 
Audio Equipment

Tufted Titmouse at mealworm feeder
Tufted Titmouse

  • Birding Radios  Information about FRS & GMRS radios that may be helpful.  Information is old but may be of use to get you started.
  • iPod info - Information on how to set up and use an iPod for playing and for recording bird calls.  Information is old but may be of use to get you started.
Bird Attractor Recording
  • If you sign up for Cornell's citizen science "Birds in Forested Landscapes" project you will be provided with a CD of recordings of screech and western owls being mobbed by scolding chickadees.  However, their sign-up page did not work properly when last checked.
Blue Line